"My vision of silhouette surgery"

Silhouette-shaping surgery evolved along with the change in the way the body was perceived in 20th century society, which was a real revolution. Fashion clothing has also completely changed. In the 19th century, the body was completely hidden; during the 20th century and even more so at the beginning of the 21st, the body is becoming more and more revealed. This has created a growing need and demand for the look of the ‘body beautiful’.

The very concepts of physical beauty have evolved and the fleshy shapes of Renoir's Bathers have given way to the long, slim outlines of Modigliani's women.

The perceptions of a beautiful body are still very variable today according to cultures and ethnic origins and are continuously evolving even within our western society.

Silhouette-sculpting surgery is one of the most practiced surgeries in the world, notably due to a considerable progress that has allowed the dream to become a reality: reshaping the figure without scarring; liposuction.

This technical advancement was quickly followed by the option to use fatty tissue sucked away and graft it into areas lacking curvature by the injection method (Lipofilling).

The combination of these two techniques has led to scar-free body liposculpture, opening up hitherto unprecedented opportunities to enhance the figure.


Body-sculpting surgery with an incision made to re-tension large excesses of cutaneous fat has also recently seen a considerable development through the progress and popularity of bariatric surgery (sleeve, by-pass, ...). This has led to a lot of people slimming down very quickly, sometimes in a few months, but there is also a lot of excess tissue, requiring the body’s shape to be restored once more.

Body plastic surgery by Doctor Louis Benelli in Paris