"My vision of dermatological surgery"

Dermatological surgery can correct irregularities on the skin’s surface, whether deep down, which are usually scars, or on the surface, which are usually moles and all benign or malignant cutaneous tumours, subcutaneous nodules or colour irregularities such as cutaneous spots due to ageing or vascular spots (angiomas or cuperosis).


Depending on their position, especially when on the face, these skin irregularities can be troublesome to a certain extent. On the contrary, some moles can give character to a face. Skin irregularities do not always, therefore, have to be corrected at all costs.


The decision to proceed may come from:


  • The progressive nature of a skin lesion: a mole that grows, a skin spot that changes colour, forms scabs or bleeds, any skin lesion that seems to show a risk of malignant transformation;


  • The unsightly appearance: a scar that deforms an anatomical region, hair on a chin mole, a subcutaneous nodule forming a bump on the forehead, vascular spots or rosacea.


The technical methods for correcting these cutaneous lesions have undergone significant progress in recent years, in particular with various lasers allowing selective interventions on skin lesions with very little trauma to the surrounding tissues, leaving as few marks as possible and allowing the regeneration of healthy skin at the site of the cutaneous lesion.

Dermatological surgery by Dr. Benelli surgeon in Paris