Coolsculpting® or Cryolipolysis

Coolsculpting® is a treatment using cryolipolysis, a technique that destroys fat cells by freezing them.


Patented by the American company ZELTIQ®, it has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. regulatory authority.


Fat cells are crystallised by this cold treatment, which targets a particular area. They are destroyed and your body will naturally and gradually eliminate them.


This technique offers a very good result without any surgery.


This treatment is used on areas where there is too much localised fat that is resistant to training and dieting.


This treatment can be used on the following areas:


  • Belly, hips, back

  • Folds under the buttocks

  • The inner thighs

  • Saddlebags

  • Arms

  • Double chin


If you have some skin elasticity, treating skin sagging can be through surgical skin re-tensioning (bodylift, abdominoplasty, thigh lift, arm lift...) in addition to liposuction.


During the first consultation, it is essential that you openly express what bothers you and what you would like to improve. Do not be afraid to ask any questions, including expressing your fears and expectations. Everyone has a different body shape, psychology and expectations. These are not the same and there is no standard to apply.


After you have explained your motivations, I will examine you and offer one or more solutions, taking into account your expectations, your anatomy, respecting your identity and the natural aspect of your appearance.


So you can visualise the desired result, I will show you photos of surgical results from cases similar to yours so you can understand the objective of the procedure.


It is essential that you and I have a good understanding when deciding to operate and to determine the technique to use from those I can offer.


I will then give you all the information on the techniques proposed along with the information sheets from the Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice et Esthétique (French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery) as well as a detailed estimate of the costs for the options chosen. You will then be able to move your project forward and get ready for a second consultation when you will be able to ask any additional questions to help you make a decision and prepare for the operation.

The treatment and its results

This treatment is carried out at the medical centre without a stay in hospital.


Before the treatment, I will go over the precise goals with you that we agreed during the consultations. You can then always make recommendations and ask any questions. I will then draw the marks on your skin to guide the treatment.


The device is placed on the treatment area for one hour. During this time, you can rest, read or use your computer or phone.


The device cools the fat cells, which are crystallised and destroyed; they will then be eliminated gradually and naturally by the body.


Cooling only destroys fat cells and not other tissues.


However, the treated area is temporarily weakened, which can cause redness, swelling (oedema) and sometimes bruising, with a feeling of hardened skin, tingling, numbness, pins and needles and pain. It takes about 3 weeks for these side effects to disappear.


  • Exposure to the sun: if there are no marks, exposure to the sun is possible soon after the procedure using a sun protection cream with a maximum sun protection factor. If you have marks, you must not have any direct exposure to the sun before these have totally disappeared.


  • Activities: depending on your type of work, you may go back on the same day; sporting activities can be resumed the following day.

The result

The improvement can generally be seen after about one month and the result continues to improve in the months that follow and up to 3 to 6 months after treatment.


During a weight loss diet, fat cells are not destroyed. They simply decrease in volume, and, if you regain weight, the area will regain its original volume.


However, Coolsculpting® can destroy fat cells and, therefore, reduce their number (with a reduction of about 30% in one session). These suppressed cells cannot return because fat cells do not multiply. If you gain weight, it will be harmonious and over your entire body.


Moreover, eliminating localised fat that could be preventing weight loss attempts because it is resistant to dieting gives you an incentive to carry on with dieting efforts. This is rewarded by an all-over slimmer figure.


In addition to an aesthetic improvement, this operation has a beneficial impact on personal well-being and weight control.

Price range

The cost of the operation will depend on the area to be treated. Prices will reduce proportionally if several areas are being treated in the same region over several sessions.


This procedure does not entitle the patient to reimbursement by Social Security.


A detailed estimate is given to you during the first consultation following the options you have chosen. You then have a minimum legal period of 15 days to consider your options and move your project forward.


The first consultation costs €50. The follow-up consultations before and after the operation are free.

The photographs on this page are to illustrate and complete the information given on the operations. They are merely for information purposes so you can see the goals, results and scars from the operation.


The likelihood of scarring and each patient’s individual anatomy are different. For this reason, therefore, the photographs on this site do not commit Dr. Benelli to providing all patients with a similar result.


The information given on a site is not sufficient in itself and a medical consultation is essential to get the right information for each individual case. For this, you will need to consult a surgeon qualified in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

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