"My vision of cosmetic surgery for men"

Cosmetic treatments for men take place in a very different context to those for women.

Men are not motivated by aesthetics but rather by effectiveness and the ability to be recognised in their social environment, increasing their influence and power through an image of strength.


The most frequent requests concern defects that give the impression that an individual lacks strength (e.g. a saggy stomach), tone (double chin, jowls, loose neck) or looks tired (bags under the eyes, drooping eyelids), ....

These demands are also imposed by society, especially in professional settings where competition is strong and the image someone portrays is important; this is particularly the case for older men competing with younger people.

Classic techniques aimed at obtaining the best possible aesthetic results are not necessarily best when it comes to male cosmetic treatments.

Rather, the aim is to strengthen the individual by giving him a toned appearance while completely preserving his personality, authority, ethnicity and family characteristics and leaving as few marks as possible, ideally, where possible, without any visible scars. In many cases, this can be achieved through the advances in cosmetic medicine and surgery.

Cosmetic surgery for men by Dr. Benelli in Paris