"My vision of facial surgery"

Each face is unique, has its own character and expresses emotions and feelings, giving each individual their personality.


Cosmetic facial surgery must completely preserve this identity, which gives everyone their individual charisma. The aim is not to transform a face so that it looks more beautiful or younger, resulting in an appearance that conforms to the standard norms of beauty. On the contrary, each individual’s identity should be underlined, by highlighting the strong points that give them their charm. The overall harmony should a perfectly natural aspect, and not show any sign of surgical intervention.


Advances in cosmetic surgery and medicine have completely transformed facial and neck rejuvenation techniques. Carrying out large skin lifts with incisions in the scalp and large detachment procedures, often with heavy after-effects, have now been mostly replaced by lifts with small scars: the Minilift (Soft Lift, French Touch, Macs Lift, ...), using lighter techniques (the Curl-lift, hyaluronic acid or Botox injections and chemical or laser peels) with harmonious results for the entire face.


The goal is for those around you to notice a change and an improvement and think that you look well, but without necessarily being able to see that you have had an operation.

Face plastic surgery - Doctor Louis Benelli in Paris