"My vision of breast surgery"

The breast profile is very important for a woman’s psycho-social well-being and is a fundamental element of the female psyche.


The surgeon must interpret the patient's motivation not only as an aesthetic desire but also as a need to regain a sense of harmony within her body in addition to femininity.


Surgical correction of breast aesthetics can be a great help to achieve a state of harmony in both body and mind that no other medical therapy can restore.


Breasts undergo changes over the course of a lifetime:

Girls become women and go through pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal changes with the menstrual cycle, the menopause and weight gain or weight loss. All these factors cause variations in breast volume.


The breast is made up of firm glandular tissue and soft fat; this explains the variations in volume and firmness according to age, hormonal factors and weight.


Changes in breast shape can hinder personal development, both in relation to the image one has of oneself as well as in terms of social life and relationships as a couple.


One complex should not lead to another and the surgical procedure should leave as few marks as possible, in particular, the smallest and most discreet scars.


Classic breast implants sometimes leave large scars, which is why I have developed a technique called “Round Block" to treat hypertrophies and breast sagging. This only leaves a small scar around the areola, an area where healing is usually easy. Also, this is not very visible because the scar blends with the edge of the areola, thanks to colour and relief differences between the skin of the areola and the skin of the breast. For breast augmentation using prosthesis, I usually go in under the arm and into the fold at the bottom of the armpit, which means I don’t leave a scar on the breast.

Breast plastic surgery by Doctor Louis Benelli in Paris