"My vision of breast augmentation surgery"

The breast profile is very important for a woman’s psycho-social well-being and is a fundamental element of the female psyche.


Breasts undergo changes over the course of a lifetime. Girls become women and go through pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal changes with the menstrual cycle, the menopause and weight gain or weight loss. All these factors cause variations in breast volume.


The breast is made up of firm glandular tissue and soft fat; this explains the variations in volume and firmness according to age, hormonal factors and weight.


The purpose of breast augmentation is to obtain a new shape that improves the overall harmony between the breasts and the rest of the body while maintaining the most natural look and feel that is possible.


This new harmony is a factor of well-being and self-confidence, whether your body is naked or clothed.


The operation is intended for women whose breasts are poorly developed or have undergone changes in volume and have sagged due to pregnancy or weight loss.


There are several breast augmentation techniques: breast enhancement using prosthetics is the most common operation. In some cases, it is also possible, to increase breast volume by injecting your own fat (lipofilling).


This increase in volume significantly increases the curve of the breast but, if sagging is really significant, a breast lift could be performed.

Breast augmentation surgery by Doctor Louis Benelli in Paris