The treatment of breast asymmetry

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The asymmetry of the breasts manifests itself at puberty during the development of breast curve and volume.


Asymmetry usually affects the volume of the breasts but also their shape, their position on the chest or the size and shape of the areola and nipple.


These anomalies worry teenagers and are generally the source of a complex that causes aesthetic and personal embarrassment because of the importance of the breast in the image of femininity and the female psyche, especially in an age where body image is important.


Volume asymmetry is often associated with shape asymmetry and a unilateral collapse.


Because of the many anatomical variations of asymmetries, many different techniques can be used, depending on each case.


The final goal of these techniques is to obtain symmetrical breasts in terms of volume, shape, position and general appearance, providing a shape that is in harmony with the patient's physique and in accordance with her wishes.


Usually with these asymmetries, one breast is acceptable to the patient and will serve as a model for the other to conform to. Alternatively, both can be operated on if the patient so wishes.


One complex should not create another and the surgical procedure should leave as few marks as possible, in particular leaving the smallest and most discreet scars that are possible.


Conventional cosmetic breast surgery sometimes leaves extensive scars (around the areola, vertically under the areola and horizontally in the fold under the breast). This is why, in an effort to reduce the scarring often associated with traditional breast surgery, I have developed the “Round Block" technique, which leaves only a simple scar around the areola, an area where healing is usually of good quality and not very visible because the scar blends with the edge of the areola; this is due to differences in colour and relief between the skin of the areola and the skin of the breast, without vertical scarring under the areola or in the sub-mammary fold.


This new harmony for the breasts is a factor of balance and self-confidence, whether the body is naked or clothed.

Photo before and after asymmetric breast correction by Dr. Benelli, plastic surgeon
Photo before and after asymmetric breast correction by Dr. Benelli, plastic surgeon

Asymmetry of shape and volume. Right breast augmentation by axillary anatomical prosthesis without a scar on the breast and left breast lift using the "Round Block" technique, with just a periareolar scar. Result after 2 years


We cannot describe all the forms of asymmetry here are they are very many types, so I will limit the description to those that are the most common:


  • Simple volume asymmetry: Depending on what is required, the volume on one or both sides can be increased or reduced.


Volume increase can be carried out using; breast prostheses or by lipofilling (injecting your own fatty tissue).

Volume reduction can be achieved using the "Round Block" technique.


  • Asymmetry in shape: most often, one of the breasts has the shape of a tuberous breast. It has a reduced base and the nipple is very large, with significant sagging. This is corrected by reducing the areola and sagging using the "Round Block" technique, as well as reducing or increasing the volume.


  • Poland Syndrome: the congenital absence of one breast, and sometimes even of the main pectoral muscle on the same breast. The missing breast can be reconstructed using a breast prosthesis or by lipofilling (injecting your own fatty tissue). Some Poland syndromes also require reconstruction of the areola and nipple.


  • Asymmetrical position on the chest, with only one breast drooping, which will be corrected using a breast lift.


  • Asymmetrical appearance of the areola and nipple: this could be an inverted nipple one side, or different size areola, in particular, a large areola with a tuberous breast shape, which can be corrected by an areola reduction.


Each person arrives with a request for the correction of a particular defect that is particularly troublesome to them. The objective of the operation will be to correct this defect as a priority by assessing whether it may be appropriate to correct other associated defects to have a well-balanced, natural result that meets your expectations.


So, depending on the insights gained during the first consultation, the operation could possibly be combined with other procedures at the same time, such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, a breast lift, inverted nipple correction and areola reduction.


During the first consultation, it is essential that you openly express what bothers you and what you would like to improve. Do not be afraid to ask any questions, including expressing your fears and expectations. Everyone has a different body shape, psychology and expectations. These are not the same and there is no standard to apply.


After you have explained your motivations, I will examine you and offer one or more solutions, taking into account your expectations, your anatomy, respecting your identity and the harmony of your physique.


During the first consultation, I will evaluate the technique I will use, favouring the choice of a technique that will leave as few scars as possible.


In order for you to visualize the desired result, I will show you photos of surgical results from cases similar to yours to understand the objective of the intervention.


It is essential that you and I have a good understanding when deciding to operate and to determine the technique to use among from those I can offer.


I will then give you all the information on the techniques proposed along with the information sheets from the Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice et Esthétique (French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery) as well as a detailed estimate of the costs for the options chosen. You will then be able to move your project forwards and get ready for a second consultation when you will be able to ask any additional questions to help you make a decision and prepare for the operation.

The procedure

Several techniques can be used during the same operation, depending on the type of asymmetry to correct. For a description of the technique and the results of the operation, please refer to the various pages about these: breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, correcting inverted nipples, areola reduction, tuberous breast, "Round Block" technique.

The result

The result is immediately visible despite any swelling and will improve in the weeks following the operation.


In the long term, the result will be stable and sustainable.


In cases of very significant asymmetry, it is not always possible to obtain perfectly similar breasts, but correcting this asymmetry is generally very satisfactory. In addition to an aesthetic improvement, this operation has a beneficial impact on the patient’s personal well-being and development and they are relieved of their complex.

Risks and complications

Read the information from the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.

Price range

The cost of the operation will depend on the procedure to be carried out, the duration of the operation, the type of anaesthetic and any hospital charges.


You may be covered by social security and, if applicable, by your mutual insurance company, after prior agreement by the Medical Adviser of the Primary Health Insurance Fund for the following cases: when there is complete congenital mammary gland atrophy or significant breast volume asymmetry, breast deformation (known as "tuberous breasts") and for breast reconstruction following breast ablation, the congenital absence of a breast (Poland syndrome), or if this is for reconstructive purposes.


On the other hand, if the reason for the operation is purely aesthetic, you do not have the right to social security reimbursement.


A detailed estimate is given to you during the first consultation according to the options chosen. You then have a minimum legal period of 15 days to reflect and take your project forward.


The first consultation costs €50. The following consultations, before and after the operation, are free.

The photographs on this page are here to illustrate and complete the information given on the operations. They are merely for information purposes so you can see the goals, results and scars from the operation.


The likelihood of scarring and each patient’s individual anatomy are different. Therefore, for this reason, the photographs on this site do not commit Dr. Benelli to providing all patients with a similar result.


The information given on a site is not sufficient in itself and a medical consultation is essential to get the right information for each individual case. For this, you’ll need to consult a surgeon qualified in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

Breast asymmetry surgery by Dr. Benelli in Paris