"My vision of intimate surgery"

Intimate surgery focuses on the shape of the female sexual organs, which may show abnormalities.


In addition to aesthetic discomfort, there is often a functional and personal discomfort because of the importance of the sexual organs in the image of femininity.


Functional discomfort can be particular discomfort during sexual intercourse or when taking part in certain sports (cycling, horse riding, etc.) and clothing can be uncomfortable to wear, particularly if it is tight.


The psychological repercussions can also change the patient's image of her femininity and lead to a complex, especially when naked.


An improvement can be aesthetic but, above all, this intervention has a beneficial impact on the personal well-being, behaviour and development of the patient, who is relieved of their complex.


The various operations, which can be carried out separately or together, can correct:


  • Hypertrophy of the labia, corrected by a nymphoplasty reduction, which is the most frequent operation.


  • Lack of curvature in the labia majora, often due to age, which is corrected by lipofilling, using fatty tissue (injecting your own fat).


  • Morphological issues with the pubis.

Intimate cosmetic surgery of women by Dr. Benelli in Paris