"My vision of aesthetic medicine"

Aesthetic medicine is enjoying significant growth due to advances in technology that have given us increasingly high-performance and reliable equipment and products that can be used within medical practices (lasers, Coolsculpting®, hyaluronic acid, Botox, etc.).

Here are some of the reasons for the success of aesthetic medicine: treatments are often easier to undergo compared to operations, do not leave scars and are less expensive, resulting in little or no down time from social and professional life.


  • Treating age marks and preventing their appearance


Prevention involves gentle and regular maintenance of the skin and supporting tissues, basically maintaining tissue volumes that tend to become depleted with age (hyaluronic acid), supporting metabolic processes by stimulating cellular activity to help cells fight against their natural atrophy over time (peeling treatments), or reducing the contraction of muscles under the skin that causes wrinkles (Botox).

Prevention also involves the traditional method of good tissue hydration, limiting exposure to the sun and tobacco, eating a well-balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle.


  • Enhancing the face by increasing skin volume through injecting fillers (filling products), so the volume of lips, chin and cheekbones can be enhanced or a lump on the nose reduced. These products have made real progress: they used to be absorbed within a few months and could cause inflammatory reactions, but now give far more long-lasting results and are well tolerated by the tissues.


  • Enhancing the figure without surgery (Coolsculpting®).

Cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery do not need to be at loggerheads. In fact, they can be mutually complementary. Even if cosmetic medicine means surgery can be avoided in some cases or to delayed, it is a very welcome addition to surgical procedures. This is especially the case when it comes to a facelift, which has no effect on the upper lip, whereas aesthetic medicine allows you to rejuvenate the lip to blend with the face for a more harmonious and natural result.

Cosmetic medicine by Dr. Louis Benelli surgeon in Paris