Regional and international patients

Request for advice and a consultation

For patients living in the provinces or abroad, you can initially ask for an opinion by email. The exchanges that follow can be carried out by mail or by telephone, if necessary, sending photos, medical examinations or X-rays.


Dr BENELLI will then tell you about the different solutions and the corresponding costs.


You will then need to attend a consultation to confirm the type of procedure and the proposed technique. You can ask any additional questions that will help you make your decision and prepare for the operation.

Organising the procedure

We can also help you to organise the procedure (meet you at the airport, help with transport, accommodation, booking the clinic, post-operative care by a specialised nurse if necessary, etc.).


The required length of stay in Paris varies from 1 to 5 days depending on the type of procedure.

Recommendations to prepare for your stay

  • Plan what will need to be done before and after the procedure:


    • Pre-operative examinations.

    • Purchase any medical equipment or products necessary for post-operative care (a support panty, bra, compression stockings, medicines, suitable cosmetic products, etc.).

    • Accessories required for leaving the clinic (sunglasses, scarf, hat, sun protection cream with maximum protection factor, etc.).


  • If necessary, we can provide assistance with carrying your luggage on your return trip.

Post-operative follow-up

Before you leave Paris, a post-operative consultation is necessary at the surgery in the days that follow, from 1 to 5 days, depending on the type of procedure.


After your return home, Dr. BENELLI will be available by email and telephone and can, if necessary, refer you to one of his colleagues in your region.

Reception in Paris of patients coming from province and abroad