Lipofilling is a technique used to treat areas that have been emptied or sagged and is carried out by injecting your own fatty tissue.


The fatty tissue that is re-injected is taken from an area of body fat, usually on the hip where the fatty tissue is of excellent quality to support re-implantation.


Indeed, in Lipofilling, part of the transplanted adipose tissue will be re-absorbed and part will be re-vascularised as normal local adipose tissue.


The fatty tissue collected by liposuction is then set aside to undergo a preparation to remove any parts that cannot be used for the graft. These are basically the serum and oily fluids. These will be eliminated by decantation and/or centrifugation.


When prepared, the adipose tissue is ready to be transferred by injection to the recipient site; it also contains stem cells that will have a volumising effect and will also regenerate the treated areas. Re-injection is through micro-cannula in small amounts so the graft does not build up in a single place but distributes evenly over the entire area to be filled. There are no scars because the micro-cannulas are introduced through needle puncture holes that leave no marks.

The percentage of this fatty tissue graft taken varies according to individuals and is between 30%-80% of the volume of the injected fatty tissue. It is, therefore, necessary to take a larger volume of adipose tissue so the area that needs to filled can be over-corrected by at least 30% (130% overcorrection).


There tends to be a deflation due to the re-absorption of post-operative oedema and the part of the fatty tissue that has not locally implanted and has been re-absorbed by the body. The volume acquired stabilises after 3 to 6 months following Lipofilling and is generally permanent while subject to natural ageing just like the adjacent fatty tissue.


The regenerating effect of the stem cells contained in the fatty tissue used for Lipofilling is visible in the months that follow and there is an improvement in the quality of the skin and tone of the treated tissues.


This technique can be used alone or in combination with another technique for a better result, as well as on any part of the face and body.

The lipofilling technique by Dr. Benelli in Paris